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How to: Ship a Parcel to Canada from Lyon

Our two logistic centres in Lyon and in Villeurbanne have a long-term experience of international shipping and packing of items for a wide range of destinations around the world.

Our teams can arrange a customised packing for a great variety of items you may need to send abroad such as vases or fragile glasses, voluminous or heavy objects, or even specific products such as hazardous chemicals which need specific autorisations and packagings.

Indeed, we offer shipping services to private individuals as well as professionals which have enabled us to become adaptable to any requests.

If you wish to send a parcel from Lyon to Canada, we are glad to help you find the ideal solution to ship it to Montreal, Toronto, Québec or any other city in Canada.

You can simply ask for an estimate on shipping fees by sending us an email at the following address: or you can give us a call at +33 4 72 04 04 60 (we will be happy to chat with you in English or in French, whichever you prefer).


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