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How to: Send Express Mail from Villeurbanne to Thailand

Did you know that there are alternative posting and shipping options available in the Lyon area than the local postal service to ship items to Thailand or to send documents to this country of destination in a short time?

Thanks to SMTE centres located in the third arrondissement of Lyon and in Villeurbanne, you can use a complete range of logistic services to ship mail and items anywhere in the world for interesting shipping fees.

For instance, you can get a handful of important document quickly delivered from Villeurbanne to Thailand, in Bangkok, Pattaya or any other city in the country.

All you need to do is to send us an email at this address: with the details of your shipment (the address of the recipient, how fast you wish for it to arrive and the type of papers you want to have delivered) and we will email you back the estimated time and price.


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