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How to: Get your Suitcase Ready for Forwarding

If you had been staying in Lyon at a hotel, left a suitcase behind you and called SMTE to arrange its forwarding to your home, you might be wondering how your suitcase will cope with the transportation.

Thanks to the range of services offered by SMTE, you can rest assured that your suitcase will be readied and packed to travel safely with one of our transportation partner.

Indeed, our staff is accustomed to packing a variety of items and has all the needed packaging to do so in store. 

As well as shipping suitcases, SMTE teams can ship any forgotten items from a hotel or the airport, and help you with national and international shipping of items and mail.

If you wish to learn about the complementary services we offer for private individuals and professionals, please contact us. You can reach us through email at this address: or by phone: +33 (0)4 72 04 04 60.


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