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How to: Get back your Forgotten Belongings from the Airport

Have you been travelling through France and catching a plane in Lyon’s Saint-Exupery Airport? Have you left your tablet after going to check your luggage in? Or maybe you noticed you had left your notebook in the hotel room when it was too late and you were already on board the plane?

No matter for what reason you left an item behind, you can get it shipped back to your location thanks to SMTE logistic centres. Our teams will go to the airport to collect the devices you forgot and bring them back to our centres to prepare their shipping.

Your devices will be packed in a safe packaging and put in charge of our transportation partners.

It is no longer a problem to leave something behind. Call the airport and if your possession is found, SMTE will be happy to return it to you!

Please contact us at the following email address for details: or you can give us a call if you prefer at the following number: +33 (0)4 72 04 04 60 and we can provide any additional piece of information in English!


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