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How rent an ebox in Lyon/ Villeurbanne

SMTE Lyon can help you to rent postal boxes in France from everywhere in the world. You can have your mal box in the center of Lyon 122 avenue du Maréchal de Saxe 69003 Lyon.

You are a business company or just an individual ? Anyway, our service can receipt your goods to send it to you anywhere in the world for an interesting price.

Why rent a ebox in Lyon ?

That's a great solution to send some packages from Europe (France).
Whitout commitment, your internet purchase can be easily delivered in most countries.

Many websites aren't able to deliver online purchases to America or China (Hong Kong).
We are able to receive your purchases and to send it back to you

For more details about prices and destinations, do not hesitate to contact us at or with phone +33 (0) 4 78 37 66 19


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